SERVICES: Interior design, graphic design, photography, styling, website, swag

Inspired by the 70’s/80’s Irish, English, and American punk rock movement (U2, Pogues, The Clash, Sex Pistols, Ramones, Blondie, etc…), the goal of this design project was to create a space that was comfortable, fun, and not currently available in the area. Most of the recent restaurant openings in this neighborhood have attempted to bring in something new… something they felt was missing from the current offerings in town. We wanted to do the opposite. We just wanted to make a cool place that fit with its surroundings and makes it easy for residents both new and old to grab a pint.

Stylistically, we wanted it to be visually stimulating yet very relaxed. We imagined a classic South Boston Irish bar taken over by punks. A good blend of gritty dive-bar edge with a mildly preppy feel. The name The Punk & Poet was chosen because, generically, it refers to a wide range of outspoken wordsmiths who had something to say about the times they lived in. A vocal exercise commonly preformed in a good bar. More specifically/symbolically it refers to Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols and often quoted Irish poet Oscar Wilde, both honored with portraits in the space.