Assembly Design Studio Boston

Assembly Design Studio (ADS) is a creative projects management and design firm that caters to image conscious, experience driven businesses. Located in downtown Boston and built on well over a decade of experience, ADS is the creation of Michael and Erica Diskin

Erica is a former real estate marketer and high-end corporate event producer. She brings to the table a critical eye for interior design and a unique passion for working with contractors and licensing officials. After a short stretch in print media at Boston Magazine, she got involved early on in the marketing and development of Boston’s now booming Fort Point Channel neighborhood. During that time she was able to use her contacts and unique access to raw creative spaces to build an impressive portfolio of brand launches, restaurant designs, and creative productions. Her knowledge of the permitting process and experience in construction is only surpassed by her love of a perfectly aged piece of vintage furniture.

Michael is a professional photographer, graphic designer, and writer who has spent the past two decades building a successful career in the worlds of fashion, food, media, travel, music, and commercial real estate. With his roots in print design and plenty of experience producing high-end commercial and editorial projects, Mike is often asked to be involved in situations from concept to completion. His work has broad appeal but succeeds by showing the audience a new perspective. He’s worked closely with some of the country’s top chefs on the opening of their new restaurants, he’s photographed some of the most beautiful people and places in the world, and his ability to do all this while being conscious of how his work is consumed by the viewer has afforded him success. Check out Mike’s personal website here.

The pair met in 2008 over the creation of an event and often discussed opportunities for creative growth within their city. Assembly Design Studio was born soon after.

Oh…and this is Assembly’s Director of Quality Control, Wrigley “the Wiggles” Joy. Don’t let those googly eyes and smooshed-in-face fool you, she’s as relentless as she is cute.


Assembly Design Studio Boston