American Metal / Glam & Grit Lounge


A full throttle, full service, VIP cocktail lounge and a hidden speakeasy located in an ultra high end car collectors facility in Danbury CT.

American Metal

231 Bunker Hill Street, Charlestown, MA 02129

We are thrilled we had the amazing opportunity to work on such a unique project. We were asked to imagine what a VIP cocktail lounge and a hidden speakeasy might look like if they were part of a full throttle, full service, ultra high end car collector and fabrication facility in the NY/CT area. The Glamour & Grit cocktail lounge located in the upper floor of the facility took inspiration from a custom chopper build the company had just built. An elegant and aggressively art deco mix of brass and brushed steel that paired with black leather and whiskey. Very rock & roll. The speakeasy was planned to be a bit more refined. Hidden behind the wall of a fake mechanics office, this lush cigar lounge is stocked with tons of memorabilia and attitude.