A uniquely American, 70's inspired bar & grill.


170 West Broadway, South Boston, MA 02127

The overall design goal of Backyard Betty’s was to celebrate Americana in a way nobody has yet in Boston. Traditional American inspired restaurants in Boston often play on our city’s history and lean on classic colonial design cues from the late 1800s. But, because the food being served at Betty’s is cookout inspired, we thought it would be fun to play with retro elements found in a late 70’s classic American backyard.

The standout is the 42’ main bar that has taken it’s design inspiration from a classic Airstream trailer. Other signature design elements include “The Garage Bar” built to feel like your dad’s favorite hideaway, and a custom designed throwback sticker collage used as flooring in both restrooms.

The space is a mix of browns, blacks, and oranges with metal accents and pops of green upholstery. Materials used in the design include rough wood wall paneling, rusted corrugated metal ceiling tiles, black plaster walls, brushed aluminum, classic glass block room dividers, and a slew of vintage American antiques.

We can’t think of another place in or around Boston that has a similar feel. As mentioned above, Americana in Boston usually feels very revolutionary or kitschy retro. This place has an intentional mid-west motor city vibe that is intended to be unique and supportive of the backyard grill inspired menu.