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Sourcing – your one stop shop!

Sourcing – your one stop shop!

Looking for that last finishing piece for your wall? Need some random found furniture item? Don’t know what you need, but want something different and unique for your project and need ideas? No request is too crazy for the Assembly Design Studio team! We are pickers and source fanatics at heart.

Whether it’s a 1863 American Flag for a restaurant client, 250 vintage beer trays for another or a vintage black claw foot tub for a brand launch – we have been able to source items from light fixtures all the way to the most obscure objects you can imagine. AND WE LOVE IT!

Assembly Sourcing Service include (but not limited to):




Vintage/Antique items

Specialty vendors (artists and craftsman, etc.)

If you need something awesome, give us a call! 617.849.4993




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