From opening a restaurant to building a brand, we have you covered.

RESTAURANT DEVELOPMENT – Assembly works as your creative project manager. We make sure the contractor, the builder, the architect and you, the owner, are on the same page creatively at all times.

REAL ESTATE SERVICES – With our roots in real estate marketing and a passion for the business of unique space, ADS maintains a brokerage license so that we can help you with site selection, lease reviews, architectural inquiries, use and zoning research, and overall process guidance.

EVENT OR MARKETING INSTALLATION – The hard work done before and after an event is crucial to the success of that event. Assembly can handle this for you.  By developing overall production timelines that take all aspects of the event into consideration, ADS assures the layout, design, and vendor coordination associated with the project goes smoothly.

PHOTO SHOOTS – With years of experience behind the lens and many more working alongside other photographers, Assembly understands how important a good location is and how involved a shoot can be.

As they say, time equals money. Especially when it comes to project management. Assembly can make sure your project stays on schedule and within budget giving you more time to focus on your business.

CASE STUDIES_____________________________________________________

LINCOLN8While project managing the buildout and design of Lincoln Tavern & Restaurant, ADS made certain everyone involved was on the same page and working within ownership’s creative vision and budget. We managed the construction timeline, equipment purchases and delivery, identity development, furniture sourcing, and the creation of custom design pieces like the two-sided, illuminated, period-accurate wall clock that divides the dining rooms and acts as a focal point for the space.

319_ADIn the case of The Lofts @ 319A, Assembly developed a partnership with Goldman Properties to market over 50,000 sq/ft of both raw and developed loft space in the soon to be re-discovered Fort Point Channel area. We worked with local media companies, businesses, and trade groups to develop targeted event concepts that increased property awareness and brought potential buyers/renters/investors into their spaces. ADS also designed, produced, and executed these events which required heavy project management and pin-point accurate permitting.
PROJECT_MGMT1Assembly can help you navigate the complex rules and regulations that are enforced by city and inspectional authorities on events, restaurants, and retail build-outs. We also can assist with any permitting, licensing, zoning, and fire code related issues. In terms of the architecture associated with the project, ADS can also provide guidance on demo work, elevator services, or any other mechanical/electrical need.